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Welcome to the official "SALUTE! A Tribute To America's Veterans" website
Welcome to Kinston and Lenoir County
In our 15th Year

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GI Joe's Living Military History Museum at 211 N. Heritage Street. Here veterans and the community will have an opportunity to share stories, heal wounds and enjoy each other's company. Hours are Wednesday-Saturday 9am to 4pm. Coffee will be provided to Veterans on Wednesday mornings at no charge.

Come support your communities Emergency Services!
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The Lenoir County Emergency Services 911 Memorial was dedicated Sept.11, 2006. Everyones hardwork and support is very welcomed and appreciated!

Fire & Rescue


Police & Sheriffs
Welcome to Kinston and Lenoir County
Coast Guard
Merchant Marines
The 9-11 Emergency Services Personnel Memorial is located at Pearson Park (formerly known as Neuseway Park)at the Woodmen of the World 911 Flag pole. This memorial honors all Emergency Services Personnel, not just Kinston and Lenoir County. Salute! welcomes all EMS, Police, Fire, Sheriff and Rescue Personnel to be honored.

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Salute! members, along with Mr. Carl Long, former Professional baseball Player from Kinston take part in Martin Luther King Jr. Parade in LaGrange.

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Salute! receives BEST CREATIVITY Award during Christmas Parade in Kinston.
Welcome to Kinston and Lenoir County
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SALUTE! receives Walk of Honor with open arms.
The Last Firebase Veterans Archive Project donates the Walk of Honor in Kinston to Salute!.
Air Force
Marine Corps
Welcome to Kinston and Lenoir County

Thank you for helping us honor those brave men and women who have defended our way of life. Stay turned to this site for updates.

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