For those who don’t know, 8 out of 10 individuals are affected by stress. Possibilities are that you are one of these individuals. Stress affects people in various ways, whether it is an angry mother-in-law or an unthankful boss.  

Aside from affecting mental stability, chronic stress can also cause symptoms such as heart palpitations, chest pain, high blood pressure, headaches, and much more. Yes, you can take anti-anxiety treatments such as Prozac or Xanax. However, there are other natural ways to get rid of stress.  

Using marijuana to lower stress is still new. However, according to research, marijuana can greatly lower stress whenever you use it regularly. This is particularly true for CBD oils.  

Before you buy marijuana online, there are several things you have to know. 

Is It Anxiety of Stress 

It is crucial to exactly know what your head is going through before you choose what medication is ideal for you.  

You have probably heard the words anxiety and stress interchangeably used. But, these two words are not the same things. Anxiety and stress share a lot of the same emotional and physical symptoms. These two can take a huge toll on our bodies.  

It can be hard to see the differences between anxiety and stress. But, it is appropriate that you know and can determine which you’re struggling with.  

The thing that your body does in response to a situation that’s frightening is called stress. The reaction to that stress is called anxiety.  

You can start treatment properly after you have figured out what disorder is affecting your body. Marijuana usually works well to treat both anxiety and stress. But, a couple of anxiety disorders might need extra therapy or medications.  

What’s CBD? 

To make things simple, CBD is the oil that is derived from a marijuana plant.  

CBD is a short term for Cannabidiol. It’s also known as a cannabinoid. CBD is one of around 100 various cannabinoids found in a marijuana plant.  

You can locate cannabinoids in flowers and leaves of the marijuana plant. Then, they’re extracted and separated.  

In its purest form, CBD is crystalline and colorless structure at room temperature once extracted. You can also acquire CBD from either the hemp plant or marijuana plant. However, CBD that is obtained from the marijuana plant has a tendency to be more effective and more potent compared to the CBD derived from the hemp plant.  

CBD is known to have benefits on seizure disorders, anxiety, stress, pain relief, and much more.  


According to researchers, when smoked, CBD can have a negative impact on your health.  

However, compared to treatments like Xanax that create a lot of negative side effects such as weight changes, loss of sex drive, blurred vision, vomiting, slurred speech, memory issues, and dizziness, research on CBD oil has found no negative side effects.  

It can be hard to figure out the proper frequency or dosage in which you should take it since CBD isn’t regulated highly. Dosages might vary based on which product is used.